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Testimonial from Rachel & Steve

December 18, 2018

On a cheerful sunny day in July, Rachel and Steve married at the stunning Upwaltham Barns. I recently received a lovely testimonial from them full of such positive words. Thank you both for your kindness and for having such an enjoyable wedding for me to photograph!


Memories cherished, longed for and made

September 08, 2017

Kellie & John's Upwaltham Spring Wedding

Kellie and John's wedding was a lovely family affair taking place at Upwaltham Barns at the end of the sunny month of May this year. Having spent many years together, the couple had some wonderful history to share with guests including some much cherished family moments. They filled the beautiful rustic barns with photos, details and decor reflecting many happy memories of their life together so far, including the raising their two beautiful children Sam and Molly, and not forgetting their family dog, Doug! Having decided upon the perfect time to tie the knot, Kellie and John were so happy to see those near and dear and get dressed up to the nines for this long-awaited celebration of their love and commitment.


Love's Perfect Balance

May 26, 2017

Sue & Paul's Southend Barns Spring Wedding

On a sunny spring day in late March 2017 I had the pleasure of photographing Sue and Paul as they married at West Sussex's modern yet characterful Southend Barns. This fun-loving pair brought the party with them, dousing the day with good humour, smiles and warmth - ensuring every guest could look back with fond memories having been thoroughly considered, looked after and entertained in various thoughtful and creative ways!


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