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A Magical Fairytale Wedding

May 17, 2018

Meg & Rob's Spring Wedding at Southend Barns

If you were to cross Harry Potter with Cinderella you would get the summary of the truly magical fairytale fantasy that was Meg and Rob’s wedding day! Hard to imagine? Let me explain. Beautiful Meg’s second greatest affection in life (first being for her groom of course) is for the Harry Potter novels, which whilst using as inspiration to creatively theme the wedding day, was probably never going to work with regards to inspiring her bridal gown! For, arguably, the most important dress of her life, Meg looked for guidance from a character from another style of literature - the ultimate in iconic fairy tale princesses. She chose to emulate a timeless heroine who represents strength, beauty and grace. She chose to be a real-life Cinderella. What was so memorable was that by merging these two sets of fantastical ideas, Meg and Rob’s unique wedding story remained perfectly breathtaking, yet at the same time wonderfully unpredictable and romantic.


Testimonial from Melissa & Gareth

May 04, 2018

I am always touched when a couple take the time to write to tell me of their experience of using me as their photographer, especially so when they write as lovely things as Melissa & Gareth did! Thank you Melissa & Gareth for your kind testimonial which means so much to me. It was a real pleasure to be part of your special day.


Glitter and Greys

April 18, 2018

Sam & Ed's Winter Wedding at Southend Barns

Sam and Ed married in the West Sussex countryside at the working farm known as Southend Barns. Surrounded by fields and set amidst beautiful landscaped gardens, this venue continues to be a magical place for so many couples, where they can tie the knot and be photographed against the array of idyllic backdrops and authentic rustic scenery. The modern design within areas of this renovated barn compliment couples like Sam and Ed perfectly, ensuring charm and character are balanced in good measure with the modern day bride and groom’s contemporary taste and style choices. Honoured to photograph this fun-loving couple, we enjoyed capturing the quirky moments alongside the calm ones, getting creative with the variety of spaces we had at our fingertips.


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