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Testimonial from Jade & Tomas

January 04, 2018

Today I returned back at work after a relaxing festive break only to find this lovely testimonial in my inbox from the wonderful Jade & Tomas. Its always great to hear from happy clients! Thank you Jade & Tomas x


A palette of pinks

October 12, 2017

Vicki & Seb's Upwaltham Barns Summer Wedding

Vicki and Seb and their significant entourage made quite an impression as they decorated the vast hilly South Downs landscape in their midnight blue and blush pink wedding colour palette. The bridal party (all fifteen of them plus the bride and groom!) were in great spirits being photographed under the warm setting sun, whilst below in the glow of a bustling Upwaltham Barns, more guests were filling the charming rustic venue, expectant of a wonderful evening celebration ahead. Following what had been a beautiful day of heartfelt marriage vows, exquisitely delectable food and entertaining speeches, it was lovely to see Vicki and Seb swept up in the romance of the charming country setting and full of happiness at the end of a day rich with the love of family and friends that surrounded them.


Tweed & Lace

September 27, 2017

Jade and Tomas' Upwaltham Barns Summer Wedding

Tomas and Jade met online and having found each other's perfect match it wasn't long before the metaphorical wedding bells were ringing! They chose a peaceful and idyllic venue, rich in history with beautiful views and character which was the perfect canvas on which to stamp their own unique and charming personalities. Having brought in some english country elements to compliment the rustic setting, along with some vintage detail and classic styling, this couple looked right at home surrounded by the lush greenery and weathered oak beams of West Sussex's Upwaltham Barns.


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