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Golden Moments

January 25, 2019

Amey & Russ's Guildhall Winter Wedding

In mid November Amey and Russ had chosen the perfect time of year to be married at the stunning Grade I listed Guildhall, set in Priory Park in the heart of Chichester. The historic venue, full of elegance and charm, stood proud against a crisp blue wintery sky and was surrounded by a carpet of autumnal golden leaves that day. The gentle low sunlight emanated warmth and a magical ambience, creating the idyllic romantic atmosphere for capturing the chic elegance of this bride and groom. Not only was I was delighted to be photographing this place of beauty in such dreamy light, but was especially elated for Amey - a good friend of mine of many years, who I have often chatted to about weddings and future plans, as friends do. It was amazing to be part of such a precious occasion and to see her hopes and dreams materialising with Russ that day.


Dreamy decor & delightful details

November 02, 2018

Kirsty & Dwayne's Summer Southend Barns Wedding

This is how the story begins...With Kirsty and Dwayne, a couple marrying at the rejuvenated and contemporary styled dairy farm of Southend Barns, close to the infamous Witterings beaches. Set back in the beautiful countryside close to Chichester these lovingly restored barns, which still retain bags of rustic charm, were full to the brim with delightful decor and details that personalised the space in a array of creative and fun ways. The theme of this wedding was largely characterised by the stunning setting and summer feel and whilst the weather was warm and mild, the sky was an unusual shade of white. Like a blank canvas it perfectly enhanced Kirsty’s pastel pink motif for the day and the contrasting greenery of the ground’s lush manicured lawns and gardens. This bride and groom had made every effort to keep their guests happy at all times; their thoughtful attention to detail ensured that they had a thoroughly relaxed gathering of all ages, entertained from start to finish!


Glimmers of Gold

August 28, 2018

Hannah & Ben's Langstone Hotel Summer Wedding

Hannah and Ben tied the knot in the Langstone Hotel which sits on the north tip of Portsmouth’s Hayling Island. With vast seascape views across the Sweare Deep channel, the setting offered a glorious feast of evolving colour and light, as the sea ebbed with the changing tides and the sun glistened across the waters that day. In a venue perfect for soaking up the impressive panoramic views from it’s circular glazed reception suite, the wedding party were treated to spectacular views both inside and out. The clear skies and warm sun melting to the loveliest golden tones, truly created the perfect wedding weather.