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Testimonial From Becky & Matt

March 10, 2020

It was lovely to hear from Becky and Matt after photographing their lovely sunny wedding at The Goodwood Hotel back in Spring last year. Thank you very much for your kind words Becky and Matt, you were super stars at going with the flow and we’re so glad to hear how happy you are with the results!

Kelly x


Loving Creativity

June 21, 2019

Becky & Matt's Goodwood Hotel Spring Wedding

Back in the day, wedding photography was all about perfecting the still pose, albeit awkwardly standing in line with your new in-laws! It was about knowing there was only one chance at each click of the camera to smile your best smile, whilst hoping your hair was in place. There was a ‘no-going-back’ mentality that accompanied each capture and thus, waiting for the outcome of the resulting album prints was an anxious affair!

Thank goodness times have changed, enabling wedding photography to be so much more than the collection of numb expressions distilled in starchy, formulaic portraits. Of course these days we have the luxury of second chances and limitless opportunities to capture each and every single moment. What I loved about Becky and Matt’s wedding photography was how they fully embraced the modern approach, being willing to experiment with the unconventional and classic compositions. Their openness to creativity was inspiring and it also meant that we all had the best fun on their very special wedding day!


Rusty Coppers & Smooth Blues

November 09, 2018

Kirsty & Alex's Southend Barns Summer Wedding

As the traditional wedding metallics of gold and silver have recently taken a small step aside, copper has stepped into the wedding limelight with all it’s rustic warmth and luxury vintage feel. Kirsty and Alex teamed this glamorous rusty accent with deep inky blues and sympathetic mink and peachy blush tones to create a unique and chic colour palette for their big day. Married at Southend Barns close to the stunning Witterings coast, this couple brought fun, family and a hint of scotch to their sunny summer nuptials, whilst leading the way with their sophisticated styling.


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