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Beautiful, Blush and Breezy

June 13, 2019

Danielle & Rob's Upwaltham Barns Spring Wedding

The perfect March day saved itself for Danielle and Rob who married at the breathtaking Sussex location of Upwaltham Barns. Fitting to the serene and tranquil setting was this easy-going, very relaxed pair who seemed to take the momentous day of marriage in their stride. Seeing to small essential tasks without stress and enjoying each moment as it fell upon them, the couple appeared to revel in its magic and mindfully absorb the details in real-time. It is rare to notice and acknowledge the little treasures of people’s words and actions with so much to think about for the day ahead, but charmingly, I witnessed this to be true of Danielle and Rob.


Golden Moments

January 25, 2019

Amey & Russ's Guildhall Winter Wedding

In mid November Amey and Russ had chosen the perfect time of year to be married at the stunning Grade I listed Guildhall, set in Priory Park in the heart of Chichester. The historic venue, full of elegance and charm, stood proud against a crisp blue wintery sky and was surrounded by a carpet of autumnal golden leaves that day. The gentle low sunlight emanated warmth and a magical ambience, creating the idyllic romantic atmosphere for capturing the chic elegance of this bride and groom. Not only was I was delighted to be photographing this place of beauty in such dreamy light, but was especially elated for Amey - a good friend of mine of many years, who I have often chatted to about weddings and future plans, as friends do. It was amazing to be part of such a precious occasion and to see her hopes and dreams materialising with Russ that day.


Better Together

February 10, 2017

Rachel & Doug's Scenic Summer Wedding

It wasn't only an artistic eye, creative flair, and highly efficient organisational skills that I gained when Rachel joined the KHP (Kelly Hearn Photography) team back in August 2015! It turned out that I was not only to acquire a talented colleague but also a truly wonderful friend. Fast forward a year and Rachel went from being behind the editing screen in my studio to being on my screen!  Having relocated from Bristol, Rachel moved to beautiful Bosham and got engaged to Doug; a charming, popular and charismatic DJ, music agent, networker and friend - known and loved by many in these parts and beyond! Before I knew it, Rachel rocked into my office sporting some sparkly bling and I was being booked to photograph a wedding in August 2016! Stunning locations and venues were chosen for their personal meaning to Rachel and Doug, not to mention the breathtaking views that were to become awesome backdrops to a very memorable day. I was feeling honoured that I had been lucky enough to be asked to photograph the happy couple, it's always a pleasure photographing friends, and I couldn't wait!