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Capturing The Summer

August 15, 2020

A Summer Portrait Guide to Locations

Summer! We love it! A time when our spirits seem a little higher, our mood a little lighter and the sunshine gives us energy to spring out of bed on light mornings and make the most of the long nights.

Every season has its merits when it comes to creating your perfect portrait but while we are soaking up this years’ welcomed rays we aim to bring you the best that this glorious season has to offer. Grab your deckchair, a refreshing tipple (mines a Passionfruit Martini) and happy reading!

Hitting the Beach

The beach is probably the most obvious place to start for a summer portrait. With its unique lighting, open skies and wide variety of natural textures, not to mention all of those nostalgic childhood associations, it’s no wonder it’s such a popular location.

Plus, it totally rocks as a blank canvas for a silhouette composition – look at this family of five strutting their stuff under that high, dazzling sun.


And if you take a step back from the shore you are often gifted with a fine palette of colours and solid wooden textures of a beach hut or two, brilliant for bringing that unmistakably British coastal vibe to your image.

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