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Seeing The Gold Through A Wedding Window

November 23, 2016

Ailis & Chris' Wedding At The Elvetham, Hampshire

Sometimes photography is like looking through a window into someone else's world and each picture offers you a little piece of golden information about the person you are photographing. As my window cleaner, Chris must have had plenty of opportunities to have a nose through my windows at home, and finally it was my chance to have a nosey into his world, on probably the most important day ever! (Obviously both being complete professionals at what we do, I say this in jest, ahum!)

Seriously though, I was truly very honoured to be asked to photograph Chris as he married his stunning Irish beauty Ailis, and with great expectation I prepared myself for some comedy moments and larks in-between the seriousness and solemness of vows and oaths. (It was probably a good job I had anticipated the former)! But although I joke, this day amongst laughs had some truly spectacular moments which were really wonderful to be a part of.


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I Belong To You, You Belong To Me

November 23, 2016

Abi & Rob's Southend Barns Summer Wedding

Abi and Rob had a standout wedding for so many reasons I barely know where to start! Their natural and effortless style brought a happy and relaxed vibe to the day from the get go, and the unavoidable romance between the couple made for a genuine and heartfelt celebration; it truly was a pleasure to photograph. With family close at their sides, you could see that these two were upheld with love and belonging, deeply connected to those around them. What gave their day even more prominence was the invitingly warm weather, clear summer skies and stunning backdrops which showcased beautifully the love that was marked within the rustic setting of Southend Barns that warm August day. 


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Love in Lights

November 18, 2016

Claire & Luke's Summer Wedding at Southend Barns

For gaming fan Luke and romantic-at-heart Claire, August was to be the month to top all months with the celebration of their love and commitment at Southend Barns in Sussex.

Starting the day in Waterlooville at the couple's home, I met Luke and his three best men(!) who were ready in their smart attire to venture up a very large hill for some pre-wedding shots. Capturing the details involved in the 'getting ready' preparations is always an eye-opener, revealing little glimpses of the bride and groom's unique personalities and helping me to build up the bigger, more colourful picture of the couple and their story. Here, Luke's cufflinks were unexpected and quirky little game controllers which was a brilliant personalised detail revealing the gaming enthusiast in the groom!


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Happy Campers on a Joyous Journey!

November 03, 2016

Clare & Dave's Upwaltham Barns Summer Wedding

I first met London-based Clare and Dave at Upwaltham Barns, a stunning rustic conversion set in the country heart of the magnificent South Downs. It was March 2016 and we were all enjoying a taste of the venue's delicious food at a unique show-case evening (see a previous blog entitled 'A Wedding Experience Evening With Nibbles 2 Nosh'). We got chatting and it was just a few short months on when I got a call and I was delighted to be asked to shoot their wedding back at Upwaltham at the beginning of July, a mere four months on!


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