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Testimonial from Bobby & Sarah

April 07, 2017

I was very happy to receive this lovely review from Bobby & Sarah and to know that I've captured moments that will remind them of their special day forever. 

I look forward to seeing you both again in the future x


Kelly is quite simply the best. We received our information pack from Southend Barns and immediately saw Kelly's very professional brochure. I immediately said to my then fiancée that this lady was Wedding Photographer of the year and was a no brainer. Usually people tell you to shop around and usually that would be the advise I would give you, but not when it comes to Kelly Hearn. 

We went to see Kelly and I can honestly tell you, we hadn't seen anyone before her and nor after her. We were sold from the very first meeting. And it wasn't like she did any hard selling. She showed us her work, which did the selling for her. It was clear and evident how much time and effort went into her work.

She was really friendly and completely put us at ease, there was no pressure and a lot of the time it felt like a natural conversation rather than a meeting to decide something important which was great. 

The samples she showed us were quite simply jaw dropping. She explained after she'd edited a group of photos of our choosing, with specific type of paper for each page, she'd then upload this to Italy where they would be printed. The quality of the albums she showed us were amazing. And when we got ours, it matched that same quality. 

We left and I think we emailed Kelly within an hour, asking if we could secure the booking. We knew she had to be our photographer. 

And we were not disappointed. Leading up to the day, she made sure she had all the information she needed from us to give us exactly what we wanted and she gave us helpful, knowing tips along the way, especially as we weren't entirely sure what we exactly wanted. 

Her part on the day was executed smoothly in a very relaxed but regimented way. She made sure to get us exactly what we wanted, she made jokes and got everyone laughing. Everyone loved her and said how nice she was. And of course, I would be totally remiss to not mention Rachel, a lady who works for Kelly. She was amazing as well throughout the day, assisting Kelly and us to give us the perfect memorable album. 

The viewing of the photos were amazing, Kelly did it as a slideshow with music. Now, I don't know this for a fact, but I'm pretty sure Kelly picks the music based on the couple, and judging from the blog she made about our wedding (which I haven't mentioned yet!) and the music she chose to play whilst we watched the slideshow she clearly got us as a couple. 

Again throughout picking which photos to go into our album and the design, she again gave us helpful and knowing tips and suggestions which obviously worked amazingly and made us appreciate her all the more. 

The blog. Another part of the whole process we were eager for. It clearly showed that Kelly had taken the time to get to know us. She got us, completely as a couple and that's how she makes the service she gives so amazing. 

Then when we picked up the album, it was kind of an anti climax. It was a wonderful and happy moment to finally pick our photos up and see the album in print for the first time but it was sad because we probably wouldn't see this amazing and creative woman again who had made something to make our wedding unforgettable.

Kelly, thank you so much for everything you did and the effort you put in before, during and after our wedding. You've given us these amazing photos, a snapshot into that time, allowing us to go back there anytime we want. 

You'll definitely be seeing us for shoots for life books and portraits. 

If you're looking for a wedding photographer or a photographer in general, see Kelly! She's the best.

Sarah & Bobby

Wedding date: 14th September 2016