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Pastel Perfection

October 10, 2018

Penny & Steve's Farbridge Summer Wedding

It was a hot August day in West Dean, where Penny and Steve chose to marry in the idyllic rustic barns of Farbridge. Set in the heart of the Sussex Downs, these beautifully restored barns played host to a dreamy day, full of fun, laughter and romance. The styling, theming and decor were awash with on-trend cool pastel mint and warm peachy tones. Echoing throughout the barns, this soft-hued palette enhanced the venue and reflected the couple’s lovely relaxed approach and easy-going personalities, whilst the best of our british summer weather complimented the calming and romantic ambience of the day. The evolving magical light added so much feeling, starting with its cool pale blue skies, then coating the vast corn fields beyond the barns in the warm blanket of gold. Finally all the richest of colours were captured as the day finally ended in a glorious peachy pink sunset before totally fading away.


'Found you!'

August 02, 2018

Jade & Sam's Southend Barns Summer Wedding

There were so many sweet, romantic and happy moments that filled this warm June day - so much so, that it was difficult to shake off the face-ache from the perpetual smiling that we all seemed to be engaged in! Jade and Sam married in the light and calming Dairy Barn that regularly plays host to brides and grooms celebrating their nuptials at the effortlessly charming Southend Barns. For friends and family of Jade and Sam, the scene was set that day - not just by the beautiful south coast countryside surroundings and pretty pastel notes in the decor, but helped along by the couple’s natural and fun approach to the day filled with their warmingly contagious laughter!


Among the Fields of Barley

July 04, 2017

Jody & Art's Southend Barns Late Spring Wedding

Jody and Art, proud owners of Halnaker's charming Tinwood Estate were as classy and bubbly as the English sparkling wines they produce! Having bought several magnums along with them to share with guests on their beautiful sunny May wedding day, it was clear that this couple, of Dutch heritage, knew a thing or two about how best to toast such an illustrious occasion. Local to Chichester, at the foot of the scenic South Downs, established vineyards neighbouring Art's father's farm are where these successful winegrowers are well known for their tours, wine tasting and even onsite luxury accommodation. Always generously looking after other people and with such style, it was clear that Jody and Art would continue to be lavishing their warm hospitality on everyone, even on their own wedding day!