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March 04, 2024

Philippa & Colin's Tithe Barn Winter Wedding

Amidst the tranquil beauty of the Southdowns, December witnessed a love story unfold, the wedding of Philippa & Colin at Tithe Barn. KHP were fortunate to capture every precious moment. The stone work of the barns served as a timeless backdrop for the couple's choice of a colour palette featuring ivory and forest green, perfectly complementing the groom's formal naval wear and the family tartan kilts, a nod to tradition that added a touch of heritage and prestige to the festivities.

Despite the classic South Coast winter weather we ventured outdoors to capture the couple against the backdrop of moody skies and winter scenes. As the light came in, and evening vibes enveloped the surroundings, we dodged the raindrops as the evening drew near.

Inside the barn, a warm glow filled the space, illuminated by the soft flicker of candles and twinkling fairy lights. Laughter and joy filled the air as the happy couple’s friends and family gathered for an evening of merriment, kicking off the celebrations with a traditional Scottish ceilidh. The barn echoed with the rhythm of dance, as loved ones embraced the joy of the moment. It was a night to remember, filled with love, laughter, and the timeless magic of winter.



January 12, 2024

Lauren & Tim’s St Georges Church, Old Portsmouth and Boat House No. 4 Autumn Wedding

In the heart of October, as leaves painted the town in autumn hues, we had the privilege of capturing Lauren and Tim’s relaxed wedding day set against the timeless backdrop of Old Portsmouth. The sea breeze carried whispers of romance as the couple, surrounded by naval traditions, embarked on a journey filled with nautical charm.

Dressed in a palette of burgundy, navy, and warm autumnal tones, the couple's choice harmonised perfectly with the coastal setting, complementing the men adorned in their formal naval wear.

Despite the classic South Coast weather, we played with the elements, dodging raindrops to capture breathtaking moments by the sea. They tied the knot at the delightful St Georges Church & then danced the night away in the unique maritime setting at Boat House No 4. The result? A collection of personal images that weave together the narrative of this perfect day, where love and tradition merged seamlessly.



November 17, 2023

Emily & Robin’s Summer Wedding at The Mansion at Coldeast

Nestled in 9 acres of landscaped grounds, The Mansion at Coldeast provided a dreamy canvas for Emily & Robin’s July wedding that was nothing short of extraordinary. The uniquely refurbished Victorian charm set the stage for a relaxed day filled with friendship, love and laughter.

The couple's choice of pale pinks & blues harmonised seamlessly with the venue's timeless beauty. The high ceilings, periodic features, and landscaped gardens created a faultless backdrop for capturing moments to last a lifetime.

Lego, vintage cars, and a personalised craft beer were more than elements; they were threads that weaved through the fabric of this special day. These personal touches showcased the couples personalities, passions and connections to all their family and friends in attendance.


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