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May 04, 2023

Timary & Mike’s Spring Southend Barns Wedding

Timary and Mike’s wedding day was bathed in super sunshine bringing an abundance of the signs of spring to their dream venue Southend Barns set in the glorious Sussex countryside.

This stylish couple had seamlessly woven their colour theme of navy blue and ivory throughout their special day which worked wonderfully well with the bursts of yellow and golden seasonal tones gifted from the natural surroundings. There will be no mistaking what time of year they tied the knot when looking through their album!

Timary and Mike were certainly full of the joys of spring as they were showered with petals walking hand in hand down their confetti line shortly after saying their vows in the light and airy serenity of the Dairy Barn, perfectly suited to the couple’s theming with its fantastic neutral colours.



With all of the care and attention that Timary and Mike had put into their day, we knew it was key to capture their little chosen details that made up their bigger vision to showcase in their wedding imagery.

As the bride-to-be and her bridesmaids readied themselves for the day at Timary and Mike’s beautiful home we soon picked up on the navy and ivory theme and began spotting interior furnishings that would make for perfect on-point backdrops to artistically photograph Timary’s bridal details.

Whilst at the venue we couldn’t miss capturing their skillfully created naked ivory cake as it tastefully set the scene with its subtle accents of navy in the cleverly chosen berries.

Images like this take an album to another level in portraying the incredible detail that goes into a wedding day, injecting a further level of interest and serving as a reminder of all those stylish touches in years to come.

Cake by Queen Buttercream





Outside, the strength of the navy balanced by the delicate ivory of Timary’s dress sat very pleasingly within the natural surroundings of the venue’s exterior and the skies above as the sun’s golden glow lent warmth to the cool, classic colour combination.

The elegant bouquets with their stunning seasonal flowers, lush green foliage and cool blue tinges in the eucalyptus tied the earthy tones harmoniously all in one place and sat fabulously at the centre of this portrait of Timary and her sister.

Working with symmetry we framed the twins centrally to these neatly manicured trees giving them a moment together whilst capturing their connection. We positioned the golden light to give them salience whilst signifying the warmth between them - a very special photo for them to treasure forever.

Dress by Anya Bridal Couture, hair by Liz Cooper, makeup by Charlette Michelle, flowers by Becca's Bouquets


The warmth in this image undoubtedly comes from Timary and Mike’s adorable little son who simply lit up this scene with his magnificent smile. Beaming with such joy we think it’s safe to say that he is very happy about his parent’s marriage.


Playing it a little cooler were Mike and his groomsmen who we posed in the linear surroundings of the water feature garden. In this location we captured an aesthetically pleasing layered mix of natural and manmade features playing with light and shade, hard and soft textures and sharp lines to give a minimalist abstract feel to the image.

The stream of sun added a splash of warmth to the muted greys, browns, greens and off whites which balanced perfectly with the triangular pose of the mens’ bold navy suits positioned centrally to keep drawing your eye back to them.

Suits by Hector's



We continued to harness the warm tones that danced around us to create a series of portraits of the bride and groom making use of the glow of the golden sun and the verdant flourishes of spring flora.

Vibrant yellows and glorious golds may not have been the colours that Timary and Mike had imagined in their wedding imagery but they tied so elegantly together with their chosen ones whilst symbolising this incredible time of year.

With the earth awakening and preparing for summer we were in for a stunning floral treat. These enchanting daffodils worked wonders to add that pop of colour to Timary and Mike’s sunset image.


Wandering into the gardens we found the rich greens of the manicured trees wrapped delightfully in brilliant sunlight and were quick to frame Timary and Mike amongst them in a contemporary pose where the limelight focused on the beautiful bride.


As we ventured further into the wooded area of the grounds we found the perfect spot to create a scene epitomising a spring woodland. The lowering sun cast its golden rays through the network of trunks and branches, bounced off the catkins sending a golden glow through Timary’s delicate veil that blew gently in the breeze as the daffodils stood proud before them.


And when the sun had disappeared for the day the golden glow from the festoon lights adorning the flint barn wall kept all the warmth of spring colours alive as we naturally staged an image working with light and shadow to highlight the intimate moment between this loving couple that would make the perfect end to their wedding album.


Timary and Mike what a wonderfully magic day you created. We loved how all your added touches went hand in hand with the season so perfectly, just as the two of you go hand in hand so perfectly. We hope that your future together is always full of the joys of spring.

Kelly x

Kelly Hearn A.B.I.P.P - A.M.P.A