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A Tale of Two in Textures

October 26, 2016

Jo & James' Southend Barns Summer Wedding

Jo and James' glowing August wedding was set in an idyllic barn location nestled in the lush West Sussex countryside. Here, it felt like the verdant green grass couldn't get much greener or the freshly harvested golden hay any more golden and I was excited to be photographing this day, feeling that even nature seemed expectant with anticipation in the air of a very happy day to come. 

What evolved throughout the day was this kind of photographic narrative; a story of a couple, revealed through the wide range of colours and textures found in details that I feel can often be overlooked in the hustle and excitement of the celebration itself. Capturing those details can offer an almost touchable impression of what is being seen, adding a kind of tactile aspect to the two dimensional, a sense which is easily bypassed when the focus of a photograph essentially is so visual. For this wedding however, I felt these textures and minutea opened up a world of information about Jo and James and the context of how they'd chosen to celebrate their commitment together.


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