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Spring Promises

April 27, 2016

Russell and Catherine's Southend Barns February Wedding

The very end of February is that wonderful time of year when the hood of the lengthy winter hibernation period seems to lift and we all peek out (blinking and baffled) and suddenly realise that it's nearly MARCH. Somehow in the depths of winter it feels like March will never come. Russell and Catherine's wedding on the 26th of February this year was clear, crisp and sunny, suggesting that the ever elusive spring was just around the corner. Ever so subtle touches punctuated their Southend Barns wedding which seemed to effortlessly tie winter and spring together. Clever use of colour and texture coupled with the energy of the very young children present seemed to add a family feeling bursting with new life and positivity.

The colour scheme that Catherine and Russell went for was deepest purple combined with the most vibrant of lime green. It's amazing how well the two colours complement each other; that splash of green reminding us of the promise of springtime just around the corner. I love how well the bridal bouquet sits snugly on the rustic fur that they had placed on the seats in the Dairy Barn for the ceremony:

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