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A 1920's inspired wedding

July 19, 2014

Shooting to a theme

Once in a while I get asked to photograph a wedding that has been designed with a prominent theme in mind and these can be challenging but are always a huge amount of fun. So when my best friend Kelly, (also my assistant who is often to be found hiding behind a reflector!), and her now husband Mark were planning on a themed wedding, I was so excited to be involved. I was to be assisting her this time with some of the design and styling of the outfits, but mainly I would be providing the photography of course! The 1920's was the theme and I couldn't wait!

Capturing the couple in theme took a combination of careful styling and considered use of original retro props, all in the grandeur of an amazing venue. I had planned to utilise all these constituents carefully, whilst employing a few lighting techniques and composition arrangements that would reflect certain elements of the chosen era. I couldn't wait to create what was to be a very special and unique album.

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A significant 'first'

July 03, 2014

My first ever wedding shoot

Back in April 2003 early in my career, I was training with one of the UK's leading photographers who gave me the opportunity and privilege to shoot my first ever wedding. The lucky couple (!) were Tammy and Barry who I'd met a year before when I'd photographed them on their engagement, so I was honoured to be able to capture their special wedding day too. The ceremony took place at St John's Cathedral, followed by a reception in the Royal Sailors Home Club (now Royal Maritime Club) both in Portsmouth, and needless to say it was a fantastic day that has gone down in history for all of us!

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